7 Reasons You May Never Reach to the CFO Level…

You always wanted to be a bright star in your Finance career. You worked really hard completing your accountancy exams and entered the profession with great excitement. You made good progress moving your way up the ladder to the current position with an ambition to ultimately reach the CFO level. But now you feel somewhat stalled or lost. Are you still on track?

Well, not everyone will reach to the top. As you move up, the journey is only going to get tougher. It’s like mount climbing. During the middle of the climb, as you are getting tired and exhausted, you need more energy. More than anything else you need a solid strategy to manage your energy and ultimately reach to the top.

Mid-career challenges resemble mid-life crises. You become overwhelmed with growing complexity in your responsibilities and become somewhat blindfolded to certain trends that on the surface do not look important but may seriously hurt your career growth and significantly reduce your chances to accomplish your ultimate career goal.

Here are the 7 reasons that may disqualify you for a the CFO role:

7 Reasons You May Never Reach to the CFO Level…

1. You lack business acumen:
You think you are in Accounting and Finance profession and that is all you need to learn and excel. You want to become a perfect accountant. Learning about other functions in your mind is waste of time.

2. You have no interest in Strategy:
You don’t think strategy is important and have no interest in learning about the subject of strategy. In your mind strategy is a luxury only the CEOs can afford to get involved; for others its’ not relevant.

3. You don’t like making presentations:
You would rather prefer to send written reports to your audience. You don’t want to be caught embarrassed with questions you are not prepared to answer.

4. You have no relationship with the senior management:
Key members of the senior management know you but have no specific impression or deeper knowledge of who you are. You prefer to remain in your own privacy than socializing with senior management.

5. You are always in fire-fighting mode:
You live in your job day-in and day-out and have no time for professional networking outside work. You believe your entire career is secured with your current employer and it will be well taken care if you remain focused on your current job.

6. You lack Emotional intelligence:
You think you are a business professional and believe there is not much space for emotions in business environment. You try to ignore the emotional side in your work relationship with your colleagues and business partners.

7. You have no Passion:
You don’t like your job or your employer but you are hopeful that one day you will have your dream job and then you will be living a perfect life. You consider work as serious work only and do not see work as a place to enjoy or have fun.

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  1. I would rather call them Golden Rule for success at all level in any organization as only successful are promoted.