What did I learn at Harvard ………………………. My 7th takeaway

Work-life balance
It’s not about work-life balance; it’s about work-life integration. The new reality for business leaders is 24/7 working hours. Adjust your pace and rhythm. Life is not a sprint race; it’s a marathon. Stop living in compartments; you have only one life and it’s short.


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5 thoughts on “What did I learn at Harvard ………………………. My 7th takeaway

  1. Well, I believe life is also about balance. I believe and been training people into balancing life… though we always talk about 24/7 working… but in fact life may be divided into 3 sections those need to be kept balance in order to live healthy and happy life…. after all this is one life we got….

  2. But you need to be able to sprint at times. The best marathon runners have the ability to sprint to win the race, and the current environment often asks us change the pace. Some employees get caught up in the pace and are unable to sprint when they need to, and get passed. The ability to balance the need to sprint and the need to pace yourself and recover is a key attribute, and one some never master. Some sprint and burn out, and others pace themselves and get passed over. The best employee is the one that can see the change of pace and stay with the leaders at all time.