10 Step Formula to Get Rid of Busy-ness Syndrome…

Let’s accept; busy-ness is an addiction for most of us and we actually enjoy it. It provides us with a sense of being important and in demand, indirectly satisfying our need of job security. If we are not busy or not fully occupied, we may feel insecure.

The issue gets further complicated by the fact that most of us never received a formal training in personal productivity. What is preached in the name of time management does not work either. In reality, there is no time management; there is only self-management we can do.

Self-management requires a mindset change; it cannot be managed by to-do-lists. It requires a higher level of consciousness. We cannot solve the problems with the same level of thinking at which they were created.

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7 Strategies to upgrade yourself from ‘CFO’ to a ‘Strategic CFO’

The role of the CFO is continuously evolving and in many organizations it is not well defined. A lot of CFOs therefore struggle to understand the critical nature of their job and adopt a conservative approach of narrowly defining their roles by duplicating the job of their controllers.

The CFO role is unique and powerful enough to get involved with any part of the organization. Generally, CFOs can initiate projects on their own that benefit the business and at the same time substantially expand the scope and responsibility of their own role. It is an opportunity as well as a challenge.

If you are a CFO with narrowly defined scope, here are 7 strategies you can apply immediately to upgrade and redefine your job:

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7 Reasons You May Never Reach to the CFO Level…

You always wanted to be a bright star in your Finance career. You worked really hard completing your accountancy exams and entered the profession with great excitement. You made good progress moving your way up the ladder to the current position with an ambition to ultimately reach the CFO level. But now you feel somewhat stalled or lost. Are you still on track?

Well, not everyone will reach to the top. As you move up, the journey is only going to get tougher. It’s like mount climbing. During the middle of the climb, as you are getting tired and exhausted, you need more energy. More than anything else you need a solid strategy to manage your energy and ultimately reach to the top.

Mid-career challenges resemble mid-life crises. You become overwhelmed with growing complexity in your responsibilities and become somewhat blindfolded to certain trends that on the surface do not look important but may seriously hurt your career growth and significantly reduce your chances to accomplish your ultimate career goal.

Here are the 7 reasons that may disqualify you for a the CFO role:

7 Reasons You May Never Reach to the CFO Level…

What Amazed me About my Harvard Experience…



Many people think they can learn by reading or watching. They have no idea how much they miss by not being part of an interactive learning experience. The advanced strategy program I attended recently at Harvard made me realize something amazing.

By interacting for 6 days with an intelligent group of 60+ senior business executives with diverse background and having no day-to-day or any fire-fighting issues on my mind, I noticed my brain started functioning at a different level.

Harvard is famous for case study method. During six days we discussed and analyzed many amazing success stories from the top world class companies. The discussion and debates were guided and facilitated by the two legendary strategy professors, Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Simons.

Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… 7 Mindsets to Rescue

The technology and increasing demands of business have blurred the boundaries of work and personal life. 24/7 Working hour is a new reality. But it does not mean you have to spend your life in corporate prisons. There are ways you can meet the work demands as well as enjoy an enriched and meaningful personal life. It all starts, however, with a new mindset. First create a mental capacity then worry about the physical capacity and external limitations.

Here are the  7 mindsets to rescue (Please go to the next blog).

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Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Life Purpose – 1st Mindset

Work-life integration is not about schedules; it’s about mindset. Have you figured out the purpose of your life? Do you see your work and profession well aligned with your purpose? If not, find some quality time to do some soul searching. It’s critical. We spend our life helping our employers accomplishing their business mission and forget about the mission and vision of our own life. Wake up; life is short.


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Career Focus – 2nd Mindset

Stop living in your job. Shift your focus from ‘Job’ to ‘Career’. Times have changed. Life-long jobs are things of past. Average work tenure with one employer is rapidly shrinking. You are lucky if you can survive successfully in a job for 3-5 years. Experts are predicting 6-8 job changes as a norm for most professionals over their career lifecycle. Are you ready for your next role?


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Delegation – 3rd Mindset

Three key words for work-life integration; delegate, delegate, delegate. Most CFOs today are still doing their controllers’ job. Upgrade yourself and delegate the easy stuff. Your focus should be to solve all the problems, develop a successor and move on. Don’t worry about Job security; it does not exist anyway, anymore. You have to renew your job every day.


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Entrepreneurial Mindset – 4th Mindset

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We are all entrepreneurs and our employers are our customers. Some last longer, some keep short. Unfortunately, we can serve only one customer at a time. But that should not stop you from personal marketing to attract new customers (employers).


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Being Employable – 5th Mindset

It’s not relevant whether you are employed; what matters is whether you are employable. Stop worrying about your job security and worry about your marketability. Get prepared for your new role. Become a gold coin with high intrinsic value rather than a currency note stamped by a central bank.