What did I learn at Harvard ………………………. My 6th takeaway

Employee engagement is not enough; employee enablement is the key. If you hire the best talent but do not enable them to perform, you set them for failure. Remember the four keys to enablement; (1) Simplified work processes, (2) Skills alignment with work demands, (3) Reward system, and (4) Work-life integration.


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10 thoughts on “What did I learn at Harvard ………………………. My 6th takeaway

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  2. Your 6th takeaway about the 4 keys to enablement is my favorite from amongst all your takeaways. Thanks for sharing your insights.
    I am sure your time at Harvard has given you great insights and a-ha’s that you can implement in your professional and personal life.
    Lead Well.

  3. Lots of Fortune 500 companies talk about employee satisfaction & happiness but do they really practice it? NO!

    So what you learn in business schools gets rarely implemented, why because it effects the bottom line “PROFIT”

    • you are right; there are many companies that are focused on profits only but there are many most admired companies as well. Harvard teachings are usually based on case studies, so there are definitely companies that are leading the business world with best practices.

    • pleased to know your feedback. FB is great in connecting old friends. Through my Harvard posts I have received many personal messages and phone calls from several old friends like you.