What did I learn at Harvard ………………………. My 4th takeaway

Culture is a real competitive advantage. Great cultures are created by great leaders and nurtured over a long period of time. Think of Apple, Google, Amazon and GE; is it possible to copy their cultures? In a strong culture you tend to lose your individuality and the culture becomes your identity. What culture you are in?


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3 thoughts on “What did I learn at Harvard ………………………. My 4th takeaway

  1. Good cultures are a competitive advantage, not just cultures, but the examples are of high flying tech companies (except for GE) who have very strong “distortion fields” and great market brands right now, and are maybe not the best examples. Since I do not work in those companies I can not attest to their cultures. I do think companies that provide employees with reasons to engage, and a reason to get behind the strategy build great cultures and succeed.

  2. I truly believe in this statement. .. culture makes people melted and set common goals instead of personal ones