Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… 7 Mindsets to Rescue

The technology and increasing demands of business have blurred the boundaries of work and personal life. 24/7 Working hour is a new reality. But it does not mean you have to spend your life in corporate prisons. There are ways you can meet the work demands as well as enjoy an enriched and meaningful personal life. It all starts, however, with a new mindset. First create a mental capacity then worry about the physical capacity and external limitations.

Here are the  7 mindsets to rescue (Please go to the next blog).

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Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Life Purpose – 1st Mindset

Work-life integration is not about schedules; it’s about mindset. Have you figured out the purpose of your life? Do you see your work and profession well aligned with your purpose? If not, find some quality time to do some soul searching. It’s critical. We spend our life helping our employers accomplishing their business mission and forget about the mission and vision of our own life. Wake up; life is short.


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Career Focus – 2nd Mindset

Stop living in your job. Shift your focus from ‘Job’ to ‘Career’. Times have changed. Life-long jobs are things of past. Average work tenure with one employer is rapidly shrinking. You are lucky if you can survive successfully in a job for 3-5 years. Experts are predicting 6-8 job changes as a norm for most professionals over their career lifecycle. Are you ready for your next role?


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Delegation – 3rd Mindset

Three key words for work-life integration; delegate, delegate, delegate. Most CFOs today are still doing their controllers’ job. Upgrade yourself and delegate the easy stuff. Your focus should be to solve all the problems, develop a successor and move on. Don’t worry about Job security; it does not exist anyway, anymore. You have to renew your job every day.


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Entrepreneurial Mindset – 4th Mindset

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We are all entrepreneurs and our employers are our customers. Some last longer, some keep short. Unfortunately, we can serve only one customer at a time. But that should not stop you from personal marketing to attract new customers (employers).


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Being Employable – 5th Mindset

It’s not relevant whether you are employed; what matters is whether you are employable. Stop worrying about your job security and worry about your marketability. Get prepared for your new role. Become a gold coin with high intrinsic value rather than a currency note stamped by a central bank.


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Demand & Supply – 6th Mindset

Understand the demand and supply game in the job market. There are always plenty of open positions but there is a mismatch between supply and demand. The game has changed and the bar has been raised significantly. Employers are looking for a much higher talent than what most job seekers are offering. Understand what is in demand and develop the required skillset; you will not face much competition.


Stop Living in Corporate Prisons… Loyal to Your Profession – 7th Mindset

First be loyal to your profession then to your employer. Your employer is temporary; your profession or career is permanent. Understanding this is a game changer. If you are a good controller, you will always be a good and loyal controller to any employer you work with. Become an active member of an independent professional body outside work. Connect with your counterparts in other companies and learn what is happening in your profession. Try to be among the top 10% in your profession.


Life is a movie

Life is a movie
Life is like a movie. It starts quite softly but the story builds up pretty quickly. By the time you reach the middle, it becomes full of adventures, excitements, crises and challenges. The good news is that you are the director of your life movie and have the ability to change the script, bring new characters and turn the story as you want.