Achieving a Career Breakthrough in 2016 – Part I

In these difficult times, is it really possible to achieve a career breakthrough?

Well, there are still many great jobs available, great people are still being hired and even being promoted to great positions. So yes, it’s very much possible, with only one caveat; the game has significantly changed and become somewhat more challenging.

To help you understand the challenges of the current talent (job) market and help you equip with the right career strategies and tactics, I have prepared a 4-part video training for you that I will be releasing in the next few days.

Here is the 1st part:
Part I: Current Challenges in Talent Market

Hope you will find it useful. I will send you the remaining parts soon.

Part II: How to Not Only Survive But Thrive In Your Career
Part III: What is Working and What is Not Working in Today’s Job Market
Part IV: How to Stand Out in a Crowded and Over-Supplied Talent Market

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– Saleem Sufi


Saleem Sufi is a CFO Leadership Coach and Strategy Expert with more than 20 years CFO level experience working for top world class Fortune 500 and Private Equity owned companies in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and United States. He is the Founder and President of MECA CFO Alliance where he leads the CFO Academy with an entire focus on leadership development and career growth among the senior Finance community.

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